Nootropics and Its Significance to Dyslexia

Nootropics also called smart drugs help improve the memory, boost the nerves, stimulate the brain, and some would say that it adds more intelligence to the person taking it. The name Nootropic is from the Greek work nous or “mind” and trepein, which means, “to bend/turn”. It was named by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, a Romanian doctor in the year 1972. It was believed that these Nootropic drugs would alter the brain’s chemical content by enhancing the brain’s supply of oxygen, or by nerve growth stimulation. Piracetam is the most common Nootropic drug of choice, under the family of Racetams. This is followed by the Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam, and Aniracetam.

Can Nootropics Help Treat Dyslexia?

According to the World Federation of Neurology, Dyslexia is a disorder with an observable deficiency in learning to read even if the instruction is a very simple whether the person has a normal to above normal mental ability and even if having a good educational background. The NINDS or the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, also added, that a person who has Dyslexia will have a spelling inadequacy, difficulty in sound manipulation and/or in the fast response to visual and oral stimulation. Dyslexia therefore is a condition, which affects the brain functions. Since Nootropics are drugs that enhance the brain functions, there is a probability that it could be of use in helping to treat Dyslexic patients. Piracetam, a common Nootropic drug, is believed to enhance one’s memory and improve the flow of blood to the brain. Some physicians use it on patients in treating Anxiety, Depression, and Dyslexia. Get more info here

Tests on Piracetam for Dyslexia

A test was conducted using Piracetam on two groups of students with Dyslexia. It was done by the University of Arkansas for the Medical Science of the Psychiatric Department. Sixty children with Dyslexia were tested for a 10-week program that focuses on word forming abilities. One group was given Piracetam and the other was given placebo drugs. After the program, an improvement in word recognition was observed with the group of children that had the Piracetam. Another test was made to know the effects of Piracetam to the reading capabilities of Dyslexic children. It was done on two hundred twenty five children with Dyslexia. A positive effect of Piracetam was seen on Dyslexic patients with their skills in reading, verbal recall, verbal thinking ability, analysis, and in their processing of letters. The positive effects were observed after 3 months of Piracetam usage. Nootropics such as Piracetam is giving hope to patients with Dyslexia. Medical science is getting closer to finding a cure for these types of disorders. It would not be a surprise to find Nootropics as part of the cure in the future.

The Difference between Noopept and Phenylpiracetam

Nootropics users who wanted to try Racetam Nootropics should be able to determine the best Racetam compound for their needs. It will not only boost their cognitive abilities, but also provide them with a better future ahead with minimal to zero side effects in tow. Among the many Racetam Nootropics, Noopept and Phenylpiracetam are said to be potent and effective for an overall brain boost.

Phenylpiracetam is one of the newer versions of Nootropics. It was created by incorporating a phenyl group to the oldest and, most commonly used Racetam Nootropic, Piracetam. The potent Nootropic is said to be 60 times more effective than Piracetam, making it the top choice among Racetam users of today. Phenylpiracetam does not only enhance the cognitive performance of the user, but also benefits its physical form.

According to medical research, Phenylpiracetam is an effective stimulant that can provide focus and mental alertness to the user. It affects some neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine but not as much as the other Nootropics. If one needs increased focus, Phenylpiracetam is one of the best stimulating compounds of the Racetam group.

Noopept is also a promising Nootropic that is derived from the family of Racetam Nootropics. Some users are convinced that Noopept is the best supplement there is because they can get more cognitive benefits in small dosages. They are also potent and efficient for work and studies; thus, they are a good addition to your current Nootropic stack or as a standalone supplement compound. Just like Piracetam and other Racetams, Noopept is available as a dietary supplement in the United States. Noopept has also a high oral bioavailability, which means it is easily absorbed into the circulation.

It is mostly used to enhance drive, motivation, memory, and learning, and improve the connection between right and left brain hemispheres. Comparing Noopept to Phenylpiracetam might be a challenge because the two are from the same family, but yield different results. Some users may believe that Noopept is a stronger stimulant, but it is only based on potency. The dosage of the two would be different, too; thus, it is not recommended to bring the two in comparison with potency as a factor. For tolerability, Phenylpiracetam is observed to have a higher chance of developing tolerance build-up as compared to Noopept.

Some cases have noted that Noopept has no tolerance build-up at all. Users should be able to determine what works for them by studying side effects, potency and cognitive benefits of the two Nootropics. If they are allergic to the other, they can just try the second, which yields almost the same or better results.

Where to Purchase Smart Drugs

Smart Drugs

Brain enhancing pills have been causing quite a buzz lately. With so many factors that can affect brain function, such as stress-causing problems that arise every day and exhaustion from overworking, people tend to look for ways on how to cope up and carry on with the fast-paced world. A person who performs daily tasks would need back up, and that is when brain enhancing pills come in. These drugs boost brain performance at optimum level, including memory improvement. The pills also show many benefits drawing the interest of the crowd who wanted to try out some alternatives in the form of supplements that could invigorate their minds. Pills that enhance brain output or smart drugs are spreading like wildfire in the market nowadays. Some might be wondering where they might have acquired these products. The reason why it caught the attention of the public is because it is accessible to those who seek it. There are plenty of ways on how to avail these smart drugs.

Available on the Internet

Technology served to be of great assistance in the lives of many as proven by how we became dependent with our gadgets in terms of communication, entertainment and is even used in working places. The internet turned out to be one of the most useful tools to expedite deals and purchases because it could save the customers a great deal of time. With so many people using the World Wide Web all around the world, these drugs are only one click away. They could search for the product and have it delivered to them. Plus there are several means of payment to choose from, be it in the form of credit card and etcetera. Getting hold of these drugs has never been easier. One popular and trusted online supplements store for brain enhancement pills is

From Trusted Distributors

They could also buy directly from authorized suppliers of these brain enhancement pills. People could easily get in touch if they wanted to place an order and to speed up transactions which is less hassle in the part of the consumers.

Accessibility of Pharmacies

The most familiar and traditional method of acquiring these smart drugs is buying via drugstore or pharmacy. In this manner, the drugs can be dispensed and the customers are assured that they could have it on hand. The availability of the pharmacies around many areas could guarantee clients that the brain enhancement supplements are within reach. The drugstore provides sufficient amount for the need of the consumers and the pharmacist could provide information to the query of the buyer as well.

Smart Drugs: How They Benefit Working Professionals

Smart DrugsNowadays, business is not just for the sole reason of earning money and perhaps, attaining financial freedom in the process. Running a business could also mean a lifetime career that can be passed on to future generations of the family. Having a business is risky due to the changes in the economy, yet the rewards are greater for those who have survived long enough to service the public. Business owners and employees should not only be vigilant when it comes to their corporate goals. They should also be prepared and flexible to give out commands when the company experiences changes triggered by external and internal factors. With their job and added responsibilities at home, mental exhaustion is not far from happening. Working professionals are often subjected to demanding working conditions. They work for 8 to 9 hours, and sometimes do overtime to accomplish tasks on time. When they get home, they still have responsibilities to attend to. Being an adult in the working world is hard, but they can still enjoy life while giving their best effort at work.

Why Use Brain Supplements?

Brain supplements provide the necessary nourishment for the brain to function double time. For working professionals, anything that can help them think and respond faster is better than nothing at all. That is why they are quite addicted to coffee, which has the brain stimulant, caffeine, in the mix. Caffeine can be considered a brain supplement, because it enhances the brain’s cognitive processes such as concentration and alertness. It also helps the individual clear his mind and fight drowsiness. Other brain supplements are used to improve memory and learning.

According to neuroscientists, brain supplements help the individual in his/ her daily mental tasks such as processing information to avoid sensory overload. They also balance the production levels of significant neurotransmitters in the central nervous system such as dopamine and acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is responsible for muscle control, which is crucial for physical tasks. Dopamine is the chemical related to motivation. By maintaining the appropriate levels of brain chemicals, working professionals could have enough time to finish tasks and do something else, like exercising and going home early.

Improve Productivity in the Office

With a fully functional and well-nourished brain, individuals can do more in a single day without driving to the brink of mental exhaustion. Brain supplements can help clean the individual’s mind and help organize his/ her priorities. With proper goal setting and the right motivation, productivity in the office will surely increase.

Maximize Brain Potential With Brain Tonics

brain tonicsOn the topic of overall well-being, working professionals are more likely to be concerned about their mental health than the physical one. Their central nervous system functions as the overall controller of the body, thus, it plays an important role in one’s health. Even if one fits, he or she could still develop neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease in the future if mental health is ignored. The mental health of an individual can be enhanced in various ways. The primary method among communities is to nourish it with the right food such as fish, vegetables and nuts. The vitamins and minerals found in the food will help energize the brain and guard it from toxins that threaten to damage the central nervous system and its processes. Thanks to technology, people can already rely on brain tonics to improve their mental health if they are too busy to care about proper diet and exercise. Brain tonics have potent stimulating effects on the different cognitive processes such as memory, learning, mental clarity and concentration. The brain works double time in order to process mental challenges daily. Also, motivation will be improved among individuals, leading to success and accomplishment over time.

Goal Setting

Individuals set goals and hope to achieve them in due time. With brain tonics, individuals can become more committed to what they have promised. With a clear mind, people can outline their goals and analyze how it can be done with one’s capacity. Since brain tonics also enhance alertness and memory, then it would be easier on their part. Productivity will not be a problem after the brain stimulants have taken effect. Remember that goal setting is the first step to success, and it is crucial to do it properly to avoid being sidetracked.


Brain tonics are also proven to enhance motivation in the brain. With a focused path and the desire to achieve the goal, individuals are likely to be successful in no time. Also, they will be able to perform both mental and physical activities well due to the motivation the brain tonics have provided.

Achieving Goals

After setting goals and acquiring motivation, individuals would have the energy to achieve them. Brain tonics rejuvenate the brain and provide its energy for longer use. Also, it helps reduce the damage to the neurons caused by toxins, protecting it from neurodegenerative diseases. With the help of brain tonics, the brain will be optimized for better performance.